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Conservation still receives only 2% of philanthropic dollars overall, so as you consider your year-end giving, we hope you’ll help us leave our natural world better than we found it. Caddo Lake Institute is the only group focused on providing the science needed to protect the internationally unique Caddo Lake. With decades of scientific data, CLI is at the forefront of agreements with the Corps of Engineers, changing the way dams are operated to mimic nature, supporting tens of thousands of acres of diverse habitat.
We have just finished up a groundbreaking study of surrounding forests, and analysis is underway to quantify the effects of our flows work. This research will feed into a pioneering new scientific model that helps not only Caddo, but also informs restoration work around the country.
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Your support will allow us to continue to focus on the issues that matter most to the hundreds of plant and animal species that depend upon Caddo. As a 501c3 with a platinum rating from Guidestar, Caddo Lake Institute continues to be good stewards of your giving!
Donations can be made through our Facebook Page, our webpage: www.caddolakeinsititute.org
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Caddo Lake Institute
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