Caddo Lake Institute brought together experts from 4 states, 2 federal agencies and local government officials to share their latest information and techniques in managing Giant Salvinia. Some topics of discussion were prevention, containment booms and the latest in herbicide and bio-control measures. John Findeisen with TPWD, Dr. Chris Mudge with the LSUAg Center, and Dr. Mark Weaver with the USDA Bio Control of Pests Research Unit were just a few of the experts in attendance to discuss this invasive species. The consensus among the specialists is that managing Salvinia requires more than one facet: prevention, (where possible), containment, herbicides, and biological agents are all needed to combat this tough invasive. This annual meeting is part of Caddo Lake Institute’s efforts to manage invasive species by sharing the latest information with those affected by Giant Salvinia or other invasives.